Learning about Generation Z at work

Learning about Generation Z at work

A new generation has emerged.

After the Millennials generation, Centennials – Generation Z (1997 – 20212) are the new human resource entering the workforce. With innovation, creativity, and a multi-dimensional view of things, generation Z is absolutely a breakthrough factor for the development of your business. However, Gen Z is still a breath of fresh air with many differences that businesses and human resource managers need time to learn about in order to work together.

To be able to accompany Gen Z and develop businesses, let’s first learn about Gen Z’s needs at work.

What does it take to manage a generation Z workforce?

As employees grow, so does the work. To ensure that a workplace is attractive to a new generation, it is important to ensure that the workplace evolves with this generation. Here’s what experts should follow to work with Gen Z smoothly.

  1. Cooperation and communication within the group

Generation Z values ​​social interaction. So much so that 51% prefer talking face-to-face with friends, family, and colleagues over texting.

In the office, managers should create a culture that promotes teamwork to encourage them to stay active. Leaders also make sure to give them plenty of ways to collaborate and communicate in person and online.

  1. Independence and ownership

Generation Z is not motivated by job title, but rather is job hopping. These young employees aren’t interested in climbing the corporate ladder, but that doesn’t mean they’re completely turned away from leadership roles.

As one of the most self-sufficient generations, managers should take advantage of their independence and research skills.

  1. Embrace new technology

Technology and Gen Z go hand in hand. Managers need to meet the digital needs of Generation Z. This generation expects technology to be relevant and work seamlessly in their personal and professional lives.

  1. Create diversity and inclusion in the workplace

63% of Generation Z feel that working with people from different educational backgrounds, skill levels, and cultures is essential.

Diversity not only makes the company more attractive to Gen Z, but it’s also an important part of employee retention plan. 69% of Gen Z said they would work at their company five years longer if the organization was diverse.

  1. Listen and promote connection

If Gen Z is always job-hopping to find a more suitable environment, listen to their expectations at work and the difficulties they are experiencing to determine how to support them and help them feel fulfilled. appreciate. Create a culture that promotes team spirit to encourage them to work proactively. Besides, we share many ways to collaborate and communicate directly together.

To sum up, Gen Z is a multi-talented, versatile generation with undeniable strengths. With the advantage of being exposed to technology very early, they still have both outstanding skills and skills that need support to perfect. Therefore, it is necessary to have an objective view, and reduce prejudice against Gen Z. Listening and giving a positive view, reasonable advice and encouragement is what businesses should do for this new generation.