Applying technology in learning English: a launching pad to help learners make breakthroughs

Applying technology in learning English: a launching pad to help learners make breakthroughs

What role does IT play in learning?

Nowadays, the use of technological devices in teaching has become very popular. Storing and transmitting learning data to learners is also much easier, learning no longer depends too much on books, English lessons for young children also become more lively thanks to online videos. on technological devices. In the past, students had to bring many books to have enough learning materials, but today, with just a smart device such as a phone or computer, learners can store and download lesson information files to their computer. in just a few minutes. Teachers can even teach English online to learners online. Introducing IT into education not only improves children’s learning outcomes but also helps learners practice skills in using technological devices in the current era of globalization.

How does IT help learners connect with the world?

As mentioned earlier, applications installed on technology devices are the bridge that helps learners access the world. Exchanging lessons with a foreign friend is no longer strange to people today. Through the internet and online discussions on forums, learners will make new friends from many different cultures or be able to solve their own questions whenever they encounter problems in their studies. Regularly learning English on international forums will help you significantly improve your foreign language skills as well as promptly catch up with the latest international trends through friends from developed countries.

Carrot Global is a provider of practical and highly applicable learning solutions. We are honored to have received the trust of domestic and foreign customers through consulting, training and human resource development. One of the most optimal applications we provide for learners to improve their English is SPAC (Speaking Proficiency Assessment Center)

SPAC (Speaking Proficiency Assessment Center) is proud to be one of the assessment applications that measures and analyzes test takers’ language ability, fluency, sentence structure and logic. SPAC provides highly reliable and valid assessment tools with the advice of professors and professional examiners, and SPAC also provides field-specific analytical data of about 250,000 test takers. born. SPAC is a KPI measurement tool for more than 1,200 companies and is the optimal assessment tool for recruitment activities and quality assessment of foreign language training courses.

Exam method through SPAC application

SPAC assessment by app helps you avoid the hassles that face-to-face testing brings:
• Take the test anywhere with just your mobile phone.
• Access the application to take the test 24/7.
• Receive test results within 36 hours.
With SPAC, learners not only learn English effectively but also have the opportunity to explore and develop their own potential.